Social Media Marketing from Hamelin.

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News, events and advertising: social media provide information around the clock. This is an advantage that more and more companies are taking advantage of. Facebook, Instagram and co. enable data-based targeting and thus reduce the scattering loss of advertising measures.

Whether it's customer acquisition, customer loyalty or an image campaign: we find the right strategy.

In social media, effective advertising measures can already be implemented with a small budget. The advantage: user data helps to identify a specific target group. This allows us to optimise and target campaigns. We create postings that are individually adapted to users. Retargeting, prospecting and conversions Social ads enable flexible targeting.

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B2B relevance

Social media is not just for customer loyalty. You also use it to establish your brand: a well-planned online presence strengthens your image, presents your brand identity and makes information easily accessible. Potential business partners who find out about you on the internet can thus see the relationships you already have - skilfully staged by us.

New employees find your company via social media: Post what your company has to offer, how you value your employees and present yourself to the job market.

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Social Ads

Social media should not be maintained on the side: They require continuous attention and optimisation to fully exploit the potential. Synatix takes care of all the steps for you - from account creation to regular postings and campaign evaluation.

Our social media specialists define the right target group, play out targeted ads and present your company in the best possible way. Thanks to a detailed campaign report, you have an overview of your budget and the success of our measures at all times. You define the goal, we achieve it.